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imitation is the Sincirest Form of Crabm

Joseph Granda has traveled the world with envisaged solo shows at some of the worlds most prestigious galleries and museums from New York City to Venice Italy. Mr. Granda’s most recent show, “Imitation is the Sincerest form of Crabmeat” at ESCC was some of his most controversial work with art realized in the millions. 

Artist Statement: If making art is not a compulsion you should immediately stop. My art is for those who refuse to take life seriously and are free of censorship in what they think, say or do. I use words in my art to better tell a more cohesive narrative in the work. As art is the process of creation, I give all the glory of my work to God the creator.


Selected Solo Exhibits

2008 - Prevarications of the Moment - Cube Gallery London

2010 - Miss Remembering the Facts - MOMA - New York

2013 - This Never Happened - Matthew Marks Gallery - Chelsea NYC

2015 - Fabrications of Time - L.A. Louver gallery 

2018 - Concoctions of Fiction - Venice Biennale

2019 - Imitation is the Sincerest form of Crabmeat - ESCC - Colorado

See the works from his latest show here.

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