Life to the Right of Hollywood

An insider's tale about Hollywood politics - rich and darkly humorous - of how not being a liberal in Hollywood can be a career killer

LIFE TO THE RIGHT OF HOLLYWOOD - Written as Joseph Lindsey

Hollywood has catapulted Clinton Feast into celebrity with an Oscar nomination for starring in a film adaptation of Kafka's Metamorphosis, where he plays not a salesman who wakes as a bug, but a Wall Street broker turned to shit. However, fame and fortune are placed in jeopardy when the actors' conservative underpinnings threaten to out-him as a Republican in Hollywood during the 2004 presidential election. With his Oscar nod and an offer to play Captain American in a summer blockbuster at stake, he hides in a political closet and plays the part of a Hollywood liberal. It's there inside a sewer of politically-correct-global-know it all actors, agents, assistants, producers, publicist, and fans that Clinton Feast must find his own transformation.

Praise for Life to the Right of Hollywood

"The birth of a new genre, political satire for the Right. 

- New York Times Bestselling author Michael Levin

"A hilarious lampooning of Hollywood's leftist culture. Reads like a perfect blend of Carl Hiaasen and Douglas Coupland, a sort of Mickey Rourke does Generation X."

-Rob Bignell, The Times-Standard

"Joseph understands that the only way to properly describe Hollywood is with an engaging mix of biting wit and offbeat humor..."

- John Nolte, Editor-in-Chief Big Hollywood

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